Boards and Committees

Ad Hoc Committees

Charter Committee

As Shenandoah approaches a population of 5,000 residents in the near future, the city can transition to a Home Rule government structure. Home rule is the right of citizens at the grassroots level to manage their own affairs with minimum interference from the state. Home rule assumes that governmental problems should be solved at the lowest possible level, closest to the people. In preparation for this change, we have formed a committee to assist in drafting the city's charter. The final decision to move to Home Rule would be determined by referendum.

Special Event Center Committee

The city has formed a committee to evaluate the feasibility and design of a Special Event Center in Shenandoah. The committee includes council members, residents, a hotel/motel manager, a retail or restaurant owner or manager, a representative from Memorial Hermann Hospital, a representative from CISD, the CVB Director and the City Administrator. The center will be focused on attracting events that will bring visitors to stay in the City's hotels.

Charter Committee Application Special Event Center Committee Application