Police Department

The Shenandoah Police Department is dedicated to service and partnering with our community to maintain a safe environment with a high quality of life. The Police Department handles all Code Enforcement matters as well as safety and crime prevention, inspection and other related programs and responsibilities. 

About the Staff

The Police Chief manages 26 sworn officers and one Administrative Assistant. Department personnel includes a Sergeant Detective, Evidence/Records Technician and Investigator. The department utilizes the Areas of Responsibility (AOR) program which assigns six specific geographical areas of the City with two officers assigned to each AOR. Within this area, each officer is tasked with numerous duties including the fostering and maintenance of these community partnerships, as well as helping to educate, evaluate and mitigate crime conditions.

Contact Us

We hope you find the resources you need, but please do not hesitate to call us at 281-367-8952 if you need further assistance or would like to speak, in-person, to one of the members of our department.

Interested in applying? 

The City of Shenandoah Police Department accepts applications for employment on a year-round basis. Testing for open positions occurs each April and September.  To apply for a position with SHPD, please click this link.

SPD Org Chart