Fiber to Home Project

In a 2015 Internet Survey, Shenandoah resident responses showed significant and ongoing problems with current Internet service and revealed the desire and need for dependable high-speed Internet service. Five percent of households in Shenandoah responded to the survey.

Current Internet Providers Available

No one provider offers services to all Shenandoah residents. Many residents experience limited internet service providers and aging infrastructure. Tachus is the only provider which offers 1 Gigabyte true Fiber to the Home (FTTH). Current wired Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that service the City of Shenandoah include:

  • AT&T U-Verse
  • Charter
  • Consolidated
  • Tachus
  • Xfinity

City Receives Citizens Input

In 2016, the city held two town hall meetings to receive citizen input. In the spring, Shenandoah issued a Request for Qualifications and Pricing. Tachus was the only company to submit a response. The goal for this project was true Fiber to the Home (FTTH) meaning fiber all the way to the modem inside the house, at least 1 Gigabyte service both up and down.

Since the winter of 2016, the committee and Tachus have worked through the most difficult portions of the agreements, working with the city attorney and staff. Those items encompass the master agreement, construction agreement, service agreement and maintenance agreement. The approximate budget to install the conduit system is $1.5 million. Every single-family home in Shenandoah will have this service available.


The City does not handle subscriptions to this service. To sign up for Fiber to the Home internet or other available services, visit Tachus or call their customer service at 832-791-1100.