Tamina Utility Project

The City of Shenandoah has hired Bleyl Engineering to manage the design and construction of a sanitary sewer system and a new water system in the historic Tamina community. The project will take three years to complete, and the new utilities will connect to the City of Shenandoah. 

Tamina was founded in 1871 as a Freedmen’s settlement and has a long history in Montgomery County. The residents have a deep sense of community pride and are eager to preserve their rich culture and heritage. 

Officials from Montgomery County and Shenandoah, along with board members from the Old Tamina Water Supply Corporation worked for nearly two years to make this project a reality. Montgomery County committed $21,000,000 from American Rescue Act Plan (ARPA) funds as part of the federal COVID recovery program. Shenandoah is contributing $750,000 in ARPA funds that we received. 

Visit this page periodically to see project updates and other related information.


Current Project Status

  • Topographic Surveys – started 5/1/23
  • Historical and Cultural Resource Assessments – field work starts 5/23/23
  • Environmental Assessments – field work starts 5/23/23

Contact Information

 City of Shenandoah  
 Kathie Reyer                   281-298-5522                                 
 Joseph Peart                   281-298-5522

Bleyl Engineering       
Hector Forestier            936-441-7833                                   
Travis Walker, PE           936-441-7833